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1 x Tumble Stone - Kalahari Desert Stone - each


This stone is also often called Picture Jasper. Kalahari Picture Stone can help to ensure the proper functioning of our immune system. It is also useful in treating disorders of the skin, bones and the kidneys. It aids our digestion, cleanses the connective tissue and alleviates allergies and hay fever.


Kalahari Picture Stone can help to bring hidden thoughts, grief, fears and hopes to the surface so that we may see the cause of such issues and begin to address them openly. It is a stone that can help us with the re-evaluation of many of life's issues. It helps us to keep on making new attempts at things even though we may have failed before. It creates a sense of harmony and proportion in our lives and enhances the relationship between human beings and nature.

Tumble Stone - Kalahari Desert Stone

  • Tumble Stone - Kalahari Desert Stone

    Dimensions: Sizes vary - average 2cm-2.5cm long