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Pendulum - Carnelian x 1 ( colour and shape varies)


Pendulums are great tools to use in Energy Healing as well as asking Your Higher Self/Spirit questions and gaining insight into your next decision on a deeply spiritual level.


Firstly, you need to cleanse your pendulum using either incense, white sage or similar and set your intentions whilst holding it in your hand. Get to know your pendulum, stating off with asking questions that give you a yes or no answer. You can even tell the pendulum which direction means what to you and make it personal to you.


You can also use it to dispell negative energies from an area of a room or person. There are so many uses. Some people use them to find lost items too!


Check out all of the pendulums and see which type you are drawn too, cause if used correctly, a pendulum will become like a life long friend!


As these are made from raw materials, colours may vary

Pendulum - Carnelian

  • Materials / Ingredients Carnelian,  metal