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Healing Crystals - Insomnia/Nightmares - 5 Crystals 


The perfect set for anyone suffering at night, either with insomnia, restlessness or nightmares. Great for kids, but please do not give to small children if crystals are small enough for them to swallow!


Each set is charged with Universal Energy and we ask the Healing Angels to bless them and the recipient prior to delivery.


They come with a voile bag, description card, showing which crystals are which and why they have been chosen. It also comes with a leaflet expaining how to use your crystals, how to cleanse them and how to re-charge them.


Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee results as everyone is different.

Healing Crystals - Insomnia/Nightmares

  • Healing Crystals - Insomnia/Nightmares - 5 Crystals 

    Dimensions: Sizes vary - average 2 - 3 cm long