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Saturday 5th New Moon - A Fantastic Time to Set Goals

Time to Release Your Desires to the New Moon.....

Saturday is the first New Moon of the Year. A New Moon symbolises New Beginnings as well as a time to reflect on last years goals and set new intentions for 2019.

This is a wonderful opportunity to start afresh and renew any goals from last year that still feel current, yet maybe didn't quite reach fruition.

A time to release all your hopes and desires to the New Moon. This New Moon energy helps to amplify you desires to the Universe, so take time to write down your intentions for the coming month or year ahead, write it on a piece of paper, make a copy in your journal or diary (if you want to burn your paper later)

You could create a small alter to make it feel even more significant, use your favourite crystals, feathers or lucky charms and surround a beautiful candle with the items, whilst burning incense or sage to cleanse your sacred space.

Once you have written down your desires, either stand or sit with your alter and say them out loud with real intention, symbolising your intentions to make it happen. If you want to, you can then go outside and set light to the piece of paper and release it to the elements for safe keeping.

Next show total Gratitude from deep within your soul for the magic and miracles that are about to unfold.

Once you have completed your ritual make daily steps towards your goals, look for open doors that the Universe delivers to you, every week or so, read your journal or remind yourself what you've asked for and why. Keep it alive and keep the fire burning until they reach fruition.