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Meditation – The Wonder Drug!

Updated: May 9, 2019

Just 5 minutes out can make such a difference!

Imagine watching the News and hearing that one of the big drug companies had brought out a new wonder drug, called Radiantin. The programme cuts to a reporter who has been

interviewing some of the participants in the drug trial.

They’re saying things like:

“Since taking Radiantin I feel more ALIVE.”

“I’m more relaxed, and I’m coping better with stress.”

I feel more connected to my spiritual side.”

“I’m finding it easier to learn.”

“I’m catching fewer bugs and I seem to heal more quickly.”

“I’m a lot more efficient at work.”

“I’ve been trying to stop smoking for ages. And suddenly, with Radiantin, I’m finding

it easier to cut down.”

“I feel more comfortable in my own body. And my headaches are going away.”

“When I take Radiantin, I find that solutions to my problems just pop into my head.”

“I seem to be experiencing more job satisfaction.”

“I don’t know how – but since taking Radiantin, a lot of the problems in my marriage

seem to be improving by themselves.”

“I’ve become much more creative. I don’t know how – I think I’ve just loosened up.”

“I’m noticing some of my unhelpful habits and I’m beginning to let go of them.”

“I feel more connected to other people.”

“I’m less stressed than I used to be, but also more present and aware of what is going

on. And that’s definitely improved my sex-life!”

What do you think the response would be? Do you think the drug would be a best-seller?

You bet!

Any drug that did all this would be flying off the shelves. You might even be

tempted to take it yourself.

The good news is, that you can. Because it’s not really a wonder drug, available only with a

Doctor’s prescription. We’re talking about meditation – something simple, natural, and free

that you can start introducing into your life today. It doesn’t take hours of your time, either –

just 5 minutes, two or three times a day makes all the difference.

If you've never tried Meditation why not give it a go. Just simple breathing exercises are a great start, just sit comfortably, close your eyes and concentrate on your breath, fill your lungs all the way to the top, hold for a few seconds and then release your breath slowly and imagine all tension leaving your body as you do. Repeat 5-6 times, do that on a break at work, sat on a park bench, sat in bed before sleep. It's simple and it's completely free!