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It's the End of the Year - A Time to Reflect

And so it is that 2019 has almost come to an end, so how has it been for you? I'm sure there are things that you've achieved or overcome that you haven't really given yourself time to celebrate or even acknowledge.

Maybe you've had huge obstacles to overcome that have overshadowed the good tidings, whatever 2019 has meant for you, it's really important to check in with yourself and give thanks for every lesson good or bad.

So when it's time to take down the decorations from Christmas, take time to reflect on what this year has brought into your life, challenges that you have overcome, what may have almost beat you (but didn't) and all the amazing things that you have accomplished, even the little things, cause little things really do add up. What were the best bits of your year?

If you have a gratitude journal, why not give yourself time to collate all the things that you are grateful for during 2019 and if you haven't why not make a list or even have a gratitude Family discussion. By doing so, you leave the year with gratitude in your heart which will help to create a positive attitude to life when we celebrate not only a brand New Year but a Brand New Decade!

Wishing You All a Very Happy, Healthy, Abundant, Fun, Loving 2020 from The Soul Angels xx

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