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Is Your Destiny Written in Your Name?

Would your life have been totally different if your parents had chosen to call you Zenobia? Or Millicent-Marie?

(Apart from the bullying you’d probably have had at school, of course!) You’d probably like to think that you are

so eternally and unmistakably you that it would have made no difference. “A rose by any other name would smell

as sweet,” and all that. But numerologists would beg to differ. According to them, some elements of your destiny were settled the moment your parents decided on your name. In fact, according to numerologists, it’s more than probable that the reason your parents felt that your name was so absolutely perfect for you was because, on some level, they

tuned into your energy and chose a name to match – totally unconsciously.

Of course, some parents may be better at this than others. You’ve only got to think about those wealthy Americans who call their son something like Ashburton Kingsley III, fully expecting him to grow up and call his son Ashburton Kingsley IV. It doesn’t matter what kind of a person he is. Their only concern is that he has Y chromosomes, stamped with the Ashburton Kingsley trademark.

On the other hand, there are celebrity parents who set out to shock by calling their child something utterly bizarre like Frankincense Fuchsia Fantasia Fanfare, or something equally silly. Zowie Bowie. Rolan Bolan. And so on. It doesn’t matter what their child is like as a person. On some level, they have become almost as a fashion accessory for their parents – something that shows everyone what a wonderful, wild and wacky person they are. But let’s assume your parents picked your name rather more normally. So – what did they pick up? What’s the secret message in your name?

To find out, write out the name you were generally known by as a child. For example, if you were named Jennifer, but were always known as Jenny, use that. Then look up each letter in the table below, based on the Chaldean alphabet, which gives the most accurate results. If you’re called something else now, work out both names to compare.

If the numbers add up to more than 10, add the numbers together to get a single digit. So – for example, if your name summed to 28, you’d add 2+8=10. This is still double, so you’d add 1+0=1. This means the name people saw you as had the energy of 1. So then look up 1 in the table below.

So, for our mythical Jenny, her name would sum to:



Then 1+7 = 8.

This only gives a thumbnail sketch and you can go into much more detail than this. But just doing this much will get you started.

So – did your parents get it right? Have you changed from childhood to adulthood? If some people call you by a nickname, how are they seeing you differently than the people who call you by your full name? If you use a different name for business, how is your business-self different from your at-home self? And how well did you tune in to your kids? Do you think you named them well?

If this has whetted your appetite, there are lots of good books on the subject. (Maybe even in your local library?) A good one to start with is: Chaldean Numerology for Beginners by Heather Alicia Lagan.

Let us know if this rings true with you xx

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