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Are we entering a New Galactic Age....?

Since the 1970s, people have been anticipating the Age of Aquarius. It’s supposed to sweep away our present era of greed, corruption, pollution, and injustice, and replace it with a time of brotherly love, and universal harmony. All

fuelled by clean, new technologies, some of which we haven’t begun to think about. Sounds good, doesn’t it? So when

can we expect it to start? Well, that’s the tricky bit. No-one exactly knows.

Some people say it’s already begun, others expect it sometime in the 2020s, while there are others who say it may still be 200 years away. The truth is, that like the change of the seasons, there’s no one clear time when the old time ends, and the new time begins. Autumn doesn’t begin with a drum roll on the day of the Autumn equinox. There isn’t a day

when, yesterday, all the trees were green, and today, they’ve all turned golden and red. Change happens gradually – and not evenly. It can be a nice fine September and October, and then there can be a savage cold snap in November, with snow and ice. Followed by some very mild weather in December, just when everyone’s hoping for a white


So, in the same way, everyone alive has seen amazing changes during their lifetime. Despite all the widely publicised

bad news, enormous numbers of trees are being planted and dozens of projects are working to reverse desertification.

Vast tracts of land have been set aside for the conservation of animal species under threat of extinction. Human rights

are being recognised in more and more countries. Children in school are now much less likely to be beaten or caned.

Gay people have more equality. The Internet has linked people as never before. It’s now possible to get copious clean

energy from sunlight, wind and water.

But the big changes over the last 50-100 years are not just changes in the outside world. There has been a big shift in

consciousness. Old institutions are falling apart. Organised religions have lost almost all of their congregations since the 1960s. In most of the world now, fewer than 5% of people go to church. Fewer than 20% consider themselves to belong to a religion. And yet unprecedented numbers of people are seeing angels, channelling guidance, and having visionary experiences. Meditation has never been so popular. Percentages vary between countries, but somewhere between a quarter to a third of people – especially younger people – describe themselves as being ‘spiritual but not


Politicians have been caught out so often that there has been a widespread loss of faith in Governments. In their place

more and more ‘sisters are doing it for themselves.’ (And brothers, too!) We’re seeing lots of community projects –

community gardens, shared power generation schemes, co-housing projects and new charities being formed. People

feel more able than they did in the past to empower themselves.

So, what’s causing this shift? Many New Age writers have talked of Earth entering a ‘galactic photon belt’ – a region of high-energy light particles in Space. These high-energy photons are supposed to be speeding up the pace of evolution on Earth, bringing about cultural shifts at great speed. There’s certainly a big shift going on, but as scientists have been quick to point out, if there is a ‘Photon Belt’ it’s completely invisible to all known forms of scientific

instrumentation. As far as Science is concerned, the Photon Belt doesn’t exist.

Yet, even the most casual trawl through YouTube brings up dozens of channelled messages, all saying that Earth is

moving into a time of higher energy frequencies. Of course, higher energy frequencies don’t have to be carried by

physical particles. Scientists don’t possess any instrumentation to detect Divine energy – there’s no God-meter! And

whether it’s just that humans are becoming more aware, or that there is more Divine energy about – or both – most people on a spiritual path are finding that the pace is definitely hotting up. I think we need to go with our guts here.

This change is real, whether or not it’s being caused by a photon belt. And the best response is to open to Divine Light in whatever way feels good and let it pour through us to change the world. Then we’ll see the Aquarian Age, happening around us.

Do you feel a change within yourself? Do you want to help others or feel you have a message tell and waiting to be heard? Maybe your 9-5 job just isn't enough anymore, you need to feed your soul. Do material things not have the same attraction as it used to? Are memory making and experiences more important? .....

If you answered yes then this is the beginning of change within you?