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About Me

Passionate About Inspiring Others

My Biggest passion is to support Women through their own unique transformation, in order that they can become the best versions of themselves possible. It doesn't matter where you've come from or what you've been through, with the right support, you can reinvent your future self!

To say that I was a troubled Soul from an early age, would probably be a bit of an understatement.

I was always 'old headed' and wanted to do all the things adults did from about the age of 9!

I got myself into lots of trouble at School and spent most of my time bunking off until I had the chance to do work experience on a Geriatric Ward in a hospital, this changed me forever.

I fell in love with these old souls that had stories to tell and a wealth of life experience and I couldn't wait to go each day. I then scraped through my GCSE's and started College to do a City & Guilds in Community Care, for which I came away with Distinctions.

I then worked for a few years caring for the elderly in their own homes, before taking on a Florist Business at just 20 years of age.

I bought my first house at 19, got married at 20, then had my first Daughter at 21 (I said I was old headed!)

Unfortunately my marriage was abusive and volatile and in 1999, I fled from my home with just my 2 Children and a couple of bin liners of clothes. That year my Mom was also diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, (She died in 2000 aged just 46) just 6 weeks short of meeting my youngest Daughter born.

In 2001 we sold our Business and I joined west Midlands Police in the hope of making a new life me and my Girls.
I've worked in many roles, but my passion was working with Teenagers in Schools. I gave talks on Healthy Relationships, Child Sexual Exploitation and Crime Prevention/Safety.

I also worked as an Offender Manager, supporting prolific offenders to get off drugs and make new lives for themselves.

I was assaulted on duty back in 2011 and as a result suffered chronic back pain ever since.

During the last 10 years, I started a more spiritual journey and started to meditate and look at alternative ways to heal myself (stress & anxiety) I completed a Diploma in Life Coaching in 2014.

I then experienced Reiki and something changed within me, I then went on to complete my training to become a Practitioner, which was when I knew my path had been chosen. I was like a sponge when it came to learning about alternative therapies and natural ways to heal yourself, I went on to do Angel Therapy, Crystal Therapy and now Clinical Hypnotherapy, I love nothing more than to help people, whether thats giving advice, raising money for Charity or through Therapies and Coaching.

I have to say though that my biggest passion is empowering Women, having struggled in relationships, work situations and having experienced times of complete feelings of worthlessness, I feel like I had to experience all of those things in order to help others.

I run Women in Business Networks in Birmingham and Solihull, again in order to empower Women to build their Businesses, whilst offering support and friendship.

My goal is to empower as many Women as is physically possible in this World and for them to become the very best version of themselves.

I feel so honoured when Client's come and allow me to be a part of their journey in life......Like an Angel on your shoulder, I'm with you every step of the way!